December 1st – 16th | Vienna

What if …

We didn’t create just one fixed menu
but instead flew in chefs from 4 different nationalties, each with a suitcase full of ingredients and ideas?
We would leave out the expected presentations
and let the guests do the work to guess for themselves?
We wait to write the menu until the end of the evening
and decide the order of the dishes when we see the guests?
We didn’t let concept, culture or geography dictate the menu
But left them to decide what they want to share with you?
We challenge the tempo of a common traditional fine dining restaurant
and increase the speed that dramatically, so the guest would have to keep up with the kitchen?

Exclusive pop-up dining experience

Impacts Catering presents the Counter Attack Pop-Up Restaurant – one of the coolest gourmet events of the year.
Taste the world with top chefs from four nations! Top international chefs will be making guest appearances in Vienna to create a unique experience with exciting flavors from their home countries and surprising textures. Leading the way: Agnes Karrasch, known from the film “She Chef”, in which she shows her way into the male world of top gastronomy.
“Impressive culinary moments that stay in your memory.” With his idea of bringing hip, young chefs to Vienna, Managing Director Christian Chytil does not want to offer “more of the same” in the fine dining pop-up area. Rather! He is turning Counter Attack into a real experience in the unconventional ambience of Wollzeile 16 in Vienna’s city center. It’s not just the location – the dinner concept, developed together with Agnes Karrasch, is also extraordinary. Together with the top chef, we are breaking with convention.
We offer a culinary spectacle in a class of its own!

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Monday, 4th of December till Friday, 15th of December:
Flight #1: 4 pm till 7 pm  |  Flight #2: 8 pm till 11 pm
6.000 € excl. tax
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All-In wine pairing and beverages

We promise to cover all tastes with our many creations. If you have any special dietary preferences or intolerances, you will still go home full.


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Meet the Team

Agnes | She Chef

I grew up in Murnau am Staffelsee, Bavarian Alps. I started my chef ‘s journey in 2017 at Vienna’s Restaurant ‘Steirereck‘. After participating in the “She Chef” documentary in 2018, I pursued internships worldwide. My final stage at Restaurant ‘Koks‘ in the Faroe Islands turned into a long-term commitment as a sous chef. We recently completed our second season in Greenland. As curious chefs, we love exploring diverse cultures and will use our off-season time until 2024 to experiment with various ideas, from comfortable to challenging.

Nino | The Geek

I’m from Copenhagen, Denmark. I’m a trained chef, pastry chef, and chocolatier. Since 2021, I’ve been living and working on the Faroe Islands at Restaurant Koks,
where I’m in charge of our test kitchen as the Head of Research & Development. My role involves creating dishes for our menu from a local, sustainable, and cultural perspective. I look forward to entering a playground in Vienna where all the unconventional thoughts, impressions, and ideas can be set free in a setup focused solely on two factors: fun and exceptionally delicious food.

Gareth | Globetrotter

I’m an Irish chef from a rural part of Ireland with a deep love for culinary heritage. My journey in hospitality began at a young age, starting in the front of the house before migrating to the kitchen, where I truly felt at home. In 2015, I worked in one of Dublin’s top Michelin institutions, and then I ventured to Australia and New Zealand for over three years to learn about techniques and ingredients. I eventually returned to Europe, working in Spain, France, and finally back to Ireland, where I became a sous chef at Bastible. I had the opportunity to join the team at Koks.

Amalia | Beverage Enthusiast

I’m Amalie from Aarhus, Denmark. Sharing a meal with good people is a universal love language that transcends boundaries and is a fundamental part of being human, at least for me. I stumbled into the world of fine dining without formal training. After working at Koks on the Faroe Islands and getting my sommelier education in islannd, I’m now on a journey to travel and collaborate with skilled individuals. My approach to service and wine is to keep it enjoyable and not overly pretentious.

Daniel | Mr. Sugar

I’m Daniel, for the past seven years I’ve been exploring food worldwide. From traditional Czech cuisine at Alcron Hotel to unique contemporary pastries at CODA in Berlin, I’ve learned and grown. My most recent travels took me to Kabi in Tokyo, where they blend New Nordic cuisine with the finest Japanese ingredients. I’ve also had the pleasure of visiting Koks in the Faroe Islands and Greenland, where I met the rest of the team. It‘s is a place that connects the most passionate individuals in the industry, and I believe that passion will shine through in this pop-up.


As the proud host of this new pop-up restaurant, I want to extend a warm welcome to you all. Before we begin this culinary journey, I’d like to wish you a fantastic
dining experience. So, without further ado, “Bon appétit!” Enjoy the delectable dishes our team has prepared for you.