Flexibel and regional

Plenty of personality

Flexibility, regional expertise and plenty of personality: at Brandboxx, we’re happy to offer customized solutions for every kind of event. “Effective training, high-interaction breakout sessions or multi-day events and trade shows – we will make any idea happen”, says Valerie Gabl, Head of Event Management at Brandboxx.

With an in-house team for scheduling, technology and set-up, the conveniently located fair & event center in the north of Salzburg is the perfect location for creative ideas. Practical delivery options, full staff support for planning, set-up, dismantling, generous outdoor and parking facilities are some of the key assets of Brandboxx.

Our flexible spaces are changeable like no other location in Salzburg: From intimate gatherings to corporate events with 3,000 people. A maximum of configuration possibilities are guaranteed.

Moosfeldstraße 1
5101 Bergheim

Mag. Valerie Gabl
Tel. 0662 – 4687 404

Daten & Fakten


Gala Menu
Flying menu
Finger food


6,500 m²
event area
5 multifunctional halls
1,000 parking spaces on the company ground (including 120 underground parking spaces)



150 to 3.000 in different levels

Ideal for

Business and private events
Large events:
trade fairs


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  • Brandboxx Salzburg
  • Brandboxx Salzburg